A.R.Rahman Foundation’s Sunshine Orchestra recreates the Magical numbers of Tamil Cinema’s Legendary Music Duo, Mellisai Mannargal M S Viswanathan & Ramamoorthy. 

About Sunshine Orchestra

Socially and economically deprived children with an aptitude in music are provided free musical training. Once equipped with the requisite skills, endowed with confidence, they can explore opportunities to build a career in music, as teachers or as performers. Eventually this valuable community asset will expand to include other areas of music training.

The children get a better understanding of their own cultural identity through the exploration of Indian musical traditions. They benefit from the exposure to global cultural trends through their interactions with eminent international musicians and learning from them. Music, as a subject, imbibes a strong focus on time management and builds key educational skills like numeracy and literacy. The practice routine required to study an instrument fosters a sense of responsibility that aids in all areas of the child’s development.

Most importantly, the Sunshine Orchestra is a stepping stone to building harmony, unifying people, diluting communal and cultural differences.