Music Review by Karthik – Milli Blog (Famous 100 Word Review)

There’s a whiff of MS Viswanathan in the simple and sweet melody of Avalum naanum! Vijay Yesudas rocks this solo, recalling his dad’s prowess more than once. But that this is a Rahman song is evident all over – beautiful violin solo in the first interlude and the tune twist towards anupallavi!

Idhu varai is typical boy-band ballad material. Madhan Karky’s love-soaked lines seem to have been written before the tune, and the free-flowing tune seems to assert that too! Showkali is energetic hip-hop, though with all the familiar elements as expected, including Arabic and kuthu infusions in the middle and that curveball of an ending!

Sid lands the ‘Thalli pogathey‘ hook a full two minutes into the song, almost like consciously delaying that much-dreaded act – the song is Sid’s showcase all the way, with him holding Thamarai’s free-form poetry superbly in control.

The soundtrack’s big highlight is Rasaali, a sprawling, spritely duet with Satya Prakash and Shashaa Tirupati (particularly that goosebumps-inducing Ninnukori piece!) in mind-boggling form, while also throwing in everything from Patnam Subramania Iyer’s Valachi Vachi Varnam in the first interlude and that Muthai Thiru-inspired anupallavi! Engaging soundtrack from Rahman that demands your attention with its nuances.