Developers Note

The website was designed with a sole mission to provide one stop portal to get all the updates of Academy & Grammy Award Winning Musician A.R. Rahman. During early childhood days, I used to eagerly visit the leading hair salon in my town to grab a copy of a Fimfare or Stardust just to see if any interviews of A.R. Rahman appeared on those magazine and to know more about him and what his future projects are.

With no access to internet those days, print media was the only medium through which any information came through on Rahman. Later, I realized that am not the only one who does the same process. There are millions of fan  base out there for the maestro, who just want to know more about him,  read his latest interviews, listen to his exclusive musical bits and get updates about his latest and upcoming projects.

Later with limited access to the internet, I joined the exclusive A.R. Rahman Fan Portal (Yahoo Groups) administered by Mr. Gopal Srinivasan and Mr. Vijay Iyer who were the close associates of Mr. Rahman.

A special mention and dedication of this website goes into Nazeef Mohammed (Director of A.R. Rahman shows & owner of BTOS Productions), a brother and a great friend who has initially helped to meet Sir in person and also has held us close on all of his concerts.  

Most of the exclusive updates you see here in this website is mostly extracted from the exclusive fan group member posts who has spent their valuable hours translating the exclusive interviews to ripping background musical pieces from DVD’s and Video CD’s.

This website goes in as a dedication to Mr. Rahman, who inspires us each day with his talent, humility ,dedication, perseverance and character. The love and respect has never faded away starting from childhood and am surprised that even my little hero nephew (Omar Mukthar) who is from next generation also has the same respect and love for Mr. Rahman, same as our generation and earlier generation did 🙂

Thank you for visiting the website, and a special mention goes to the following people who has continuously pushed me to maintain this website as they feel that this site is close to their heart.

  • Fajis Khaleel
  • Zareesh Ashraf
  • Shanid Assainar
  • Shahbad Ashraf
  • Fazil Ibrahim


If you would like to contact me for any queries or concerns with this website, you can either write me an email at or call me at 00971 55 77 11 639 (United Arab Emirates).

P.S: The advertisement displayed in this website is to meet the ongoing domain and webhosting services fees which I am needed to pay each year to the hosting provider. If had an option, I would always like this website to go ad-free 🙂

Farsad Khaleel

Currently Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
From: Kannur – Kerala, India

In Pictures

Meeting A.R. in Calicut during 2009 Jai Ho Concert.
Meeting A.R. in Dubai during the 2011 Du Concert.
Meeting A.R. in Dubai during the 2014 Sufi Concert.