When the maestro himself stretches his vocal chords you better sit up and take a listen. A. R. Rahman knows how to move you with his musical endeavour. And here’s what he has come up with that will simply blow your mind away! Presenting Jammin’s anthem song, ‘Yaara’ – a mega collaboration with legendary singer-composer A.R. Rahman with digital superstars Sanam, Shraddha Sharma, Siddharth Slathia, Arjun Kanungo, Jonita Gandhi, Sanah Moidutty, Raaga Trippin, Maati Baani and Mumbai’s Finest. With so many people sharing credits on the same page, we could not help but wonder how this album would turn out! And we certainly were looking forward to this one!

So we probed further to get answer to the basic question that had us curious. What this outing is all about! Here’s the answer to our query. Jammin is a first of its’ kind musical collaboration where legendary Bollywood composers and digital youth icons come together to create original melodies like you have never heard before.

Jammin is the track they are taking off with and we certainly want more! From Doctors to weavers, from writers to teachers and from the fixers to carpenters everybody is seen singing the universal theme. The message is quite clear that this jammin, this earth is made for us all. There should be no boundaries that divide the humanity that we share between us. The common threads of sympathy, empathy and enlightenment is what keeps us who we are. In fact, that thread keeps us alive and kicking.

This number is a musical treat indeed but what surprises us is the fact that this song is visually stunning as well. Universal values like kindness, generosity of the spirit and the ‘wholeness’ is celebrated in this song with much pomp. The youthful zest it has to it and the various values we as civilisation share get their due place in this song. It was a delight to watch A R Rahman himself making his grand presence felt both with his mellifluous voice and warm persona.

While issues like belief in human integrity, solidarity and terrorism are taking centerstage in today’s day and age, this song has put the finger on the right pulse. From conceptualisation to execution everything about this unique composition will warm the cockles of year heart. The wrap song that has been weaved beautifully to conclude the number only adds more power to the number!