On February 4, 2017 Ideal Dreams, the first tribute to A.R. Rahman’s 25 years in the film industry, will take place at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Canada. The maestro himself will be present at the event. The show will be produced by Ideal Entertainment Inc. and spare no expense in recognizing the legacy of one of the world’s most prominent and prolific music composers. Featuring over 100 North American artists Ideal Dreams will seamlessly integrate various forms of the performing arts, including dance, music, visual arts and musical theatre, in sequences set to Mr. Rahman’s compositions.

The musical score, similar to the choice in artists, will be intentionally curated to represent the award-winning composer’s ability to transcend world genres, while weaving together tradition with innovation. To this end Ramanan Muthulingam, Managing Director of Ideal Entertainment, has said “The production will feature a live orchestra from start to finish and include various new technologies throughout, providing the audience with elements that enhance their sensory experience.”

Engaging, interactive, innovative—Ideal Dreams will be a bit of everything Ideal Entertainment strives to bring to each of their productions. “The show will be a true testament to Mr. Rahman’s invaluable contributions to film and music. For 25 years he has inspired people around the world to not only push the boundaries of what’s possible but to redefine them. This is at the heart of Ideal Entertainment’s mission and we are honoured to be producing Ideal Dreams” remarked Shaji Nada, CEO of Ideal Group of Companies.

The Mozart of Madras is often traveling around the world but this will be a rare opportunity for his fans to watch a production inspired by the musical genius, in his presence. More details about the elements of the show and confirmed participants will be announced by Ideal Entertainment in the weeks to come. While much is being held in suspense until then, they’re promising one thing—in the global city that brings the world together Ideal Dreams will inspire audience members to discover their own.

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