Academy-award winning composer A R Rahman feels people living abroad, including consulates across the world, need to know about inspiring Indian personalities.

48-year-old Rahman, who is the subject of Discovery Channel’s special program “Jai Ho”, said there were a lot of offers to make a documentary on him before too. “There were a lot of offers before too to make a documentary on me but I thought that was unnecessary. But after the Oscar happened, I felt people could get some kind of inspiration through the journey of my life and the way I make music,” Rahman told reporters here.

“People who live abroad, having an Indian flag, they deserve to know about people in India and personalities…You go to remote places and they’re very kind with you, all the consoles from different countries…,” the music composer said. The 90-minute documentary, directed by Umesh Aggarwal, chronicles the life and rise of the “Tamasha” composer. Rahman said the documentary, which was initially meant for consulates, was like an introspection for him. “It’s a very understated documentary it’s not trying to make a big thing.

It’s got it’s humour, music making and it’s not even me, its about people talking about me…. So you’re rediscovering yourself like, ‘Oh wow really?’” Even though he is part of the special program, Rahman says he “hates” watching him on screen. “Umesh contacted me and initially said its only for consulates all over the world so I thought less exposure, which is good… But I didn’t know it’ll (documentary) turn out charmingly… Because I hate to watch myself, I do.” “Respect comes from how you place our culture in the world and make it accessible to everyone, that’s very important. I can see lot of young people discovering themselves. Explosion of talents will happen,” he said.

The composer is elated with the response to his upcoming international project “Muhammad: The Messenger of God”, directed by Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi. “I watched the film ten days back in Hamadan festival… It was very fascinating… This whole new audience who do not speak my language, I can’t even relate to them, but the language which was common was music,” the musician said. “They were crying, I went down from the stage and they were all clapping and it looked very surreal to me,” he said.

The documentary features interviews of “Slumdog Millionaire” director Danny Boyle, lyricist Gulzar, actor Aamir Khan, filmmaker Mani Ratnam, Ashutosh Gowariker, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber among others. “Jai Ho” will premiere on October 26 at 9 PM.

Article Originally published by The Indian Express