When we first heard that A.R. Rahman was going behind the camera we knew that he would be bringing something completely new to the theater. The maestro is certainly doing that with Le Musk . The film is one of the world’s first Cinematic Virtual Reality Immersive narratives, you will not only see, hear but also be within and even experience the smell of the world that is going on in the film.

“I always try to tell stories through music and with virtual reality the lines blurred…”

See what else the director had to say in this cool behind the scenes video he released on Facebook!

Shot in Rome, the film follows the journey of an orphaned child Juliet, full-time heiress and part-time musician, who grows up to be a Diva on a mission. All through, she has one constant companion – the lingering Muskan scent. However, her life takes a dramatic turn when she receives an anonymous message, which brings back ​her mysterious past. The film stars Nora Arnezeder, Guy Burnet, Munirih Grace and Mariam Zohrabyan. With the script by A.R. Rahman and his wife Sairaa Rahman. Rahman has also, of course, composed the music for the film.