It was my friend Sam, member of Audio League and the winner of Oh La La 2008 contest had promised to me of introducing me to the great legend double oscar winner and triple doctorate Dr Dr Dr A R Rahmanji. Though the day had come little late than expected, it happened to be a great day for me (07.08.09).

It was 10:45 am in the morning when I first saw one of the guest to the events Shruthi Hassan. I took her snap and have called out her name and complimented her that her song in Luck was really beautiful, she reciprocated with big “Thanks”.

As I was awaiting for someone even more special for the event had entered finally, it was none other than our BOSS and for some Virtual Guru Mr A.R. Rahmanji. With deep purple color shirt and black trouser (he was very very simple for the event, but the charm on his face was very very attractive) had taken his seat mobbed by several journalists and photographers. I ran upto him not bothered about if someone would stop me meeting him.

I wished him “Good Morning Rahmanji” for which he replied “Good morning” with a smile on his face. I really couldn’t stop myself saying that “Rahmanji I am blessed to see you this closely” he smiled again. I was capturing his moments in the handycam, I than requested him if I can take his autograph, he than replied to come forward.

I just stopped recording and quickly pulled up the Calicut Concert ticket which I bought it on 03.05.09 from my wallet and lend him my permanent marker and told him that I was at his calicut show recently. I collected his autograph (I have got that laminated it and stored it in a very very safe place in my bedroom).

During the event, I have taken few snaps and recorded Rahmanji’s speech. I got all his snaps and video recording very closely. After the event, even before Rahmanji was leaving I almost held his hand and pleaded him for a snap, he almost stopped for a second or two but my camera crancked the same moment which was very very disappointing.

But never mind, I don’t want to show the entire world that I had taken a snap along with Rahmanji, rather I am very very happy that I spoke to and saw him very closely. I can never ever forget such a lovely moment in my life. I was almost on tears when I was sharing this with my Mom & Dad over the phone. They too were very happy. Big thanks to Sam and his Band Audio League for giving me this opportunity.

Rahmanji is a man with very very less words, he definitely is a shy guy. I have no words to express my happiness. I shall definitely talk to him for some more time in future. Thereby I plead the almighty to bless me in this regards.