A.R. Rahman is a film composer, record producer, musician and singer, and is one of the world’s all-time biggest-selling recording artists. Musically, he knows his own mind, has hundreds of themes, tricks and licks in his back pocket.

Demonstrating that an experimental approach need not reject effusive melody, panoramic bliss and festive grandeur – play him after John Barry, Barry Manilow, Fatboy Slim and Patrick Moraz, file him between Radiohead and Rashied Ali, all over the place between the Blue Nile and Count Basie. Radioclit, post-house, post-farfetched fusion producers, mixers, curating disc jockeys, whose magic mix of MIA’s Paper Planes was greatly loved , made an album with the singer Esau Mwamwaya as The Very Best, which you’d play after Paul Simon, The Bush of Ghosts, Thievery Corporation, alphabetise between Veruca Salt and Vibracathedral Orchestra, all over the place between Royal Trux and Steve Lacey.