In an exclusive video chat from his home in Chennai, India, the BAFTA winning, double Oscar and double Grammy winner, AR Rahman speaks to BBC Asian Network’s Ashanti Omkar.

In the interview, being broadcast on the Ashanti Omkar show on the BBC Asian Network this Sunday (January 4), AR Rahman reminisces on his time with Michael Jackson, being in the Oscar race yet again, his busiest year yet, and his recent Sufi music concert in Dubai. He also talks about the Sunshine Orchestra, a group made up of underprivileged children who his KM Music Conservatory have been educating in Western Classical music.

He also speaks about the vocal techniques that he has observed in the likes of Mick Jagger, as well as how he balances a hectic life between Chennai, Mumbai and LA. He speaks about Hollywood’s Hans Zimmer and a possible collaboration in the works, and the film on everyone’s lips, Shankar’s “I”, which is out for the Tamil harvest festival of Pongal on 14th January. The music launch for “I” saw Arnold Schwarzenegger and superstar Rajinikanth in Chennai, and the film stars Vikram and British model and actress, Amy Jackson, who has previously been on the Ashanti Omkar show.