Music maestro A R Rahman, whose last film as a composer was Rockstar, says he is not taking up many movie projects because he does not want to compromise with the quality of his music.

The double Oscar-winner feels that music today is more about seeing and less of listening. Rahman also said that though he is being offered good money he is not too keen on taking up commercial films.

“Many things are driving music… We are doing music for young people to come into theatres to watch the film, that music is serving a different purpose, you see the music… Hearing music has to be slow pace, poetic and if you have that then you fear people will walk out of the theatre, album`s will not sell,” Rahman said.

“I think it`s a question of reinventing screen-placed for music… That`s the reason I am not doing many movies too. I get a lot of commercial movies a lot of money for it but then there is a question from people `What are you doing?`. I don`t want to compromise with my music,” said Rahman, who was in New Delhi to launch National Award winning sound engineer KJ Singh`s independent album Asli Music.

Rahman, 46, further says: “Music is a nice hiding place for me from reality, it helps me escape and be myself. I think what the listener wants is also the same thing… They (people) want to go to another zone and if I don`t do it the music won`t,” Rahman said.

When asked what inspires him, Rahman said: “Nature inspires me to make good music…The goods thing in life, personalities inspire me…Then you realise how many people want something different and want pure things, my music is for them.”

Rahman has previously given music for Hollywood films like Academy award winning Slumdog Millionaire, Couples Retreat and 127 Hours.

His next Hollywood project is producer-director Steven Spielberg`s Welcome To People which will release on June 29. Apart from his twin Oscars, Rahman has also won two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe, four National Film Awards and fifteen Filmfare Awards in his two decade long career.