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Music Reviews

Demo Read the Latest Music News, Exclusive Album Reviews, Music Videos, Concert Photos, Background Scores and more.

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Music Releases

Upcoming Music Releases, Exclusive Song Previews, Digital Downloads & More Music News about the Maestro.

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The Foundation

An initiative by The A. R. Rahman Foundation and KM Music Conservatory to keep acoustic music alive.

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Recent Concerts

Find A.R. Rahman live concert tour dates, Concert Videos, Tickets, reviews and more on Rahmaniac.com

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Coke Studio Episodes

Demo Watch the episodes featuring A.R Rahman for Coke Studio India featuring live music performances for the seasons.

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Discover & Download

Discover and Download the exclusive Music Snippets, Background Scores & Ad Jingles composed by A. R Rahman.

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Make a Difference

Join the Food Distribution Campaign Organized by A R Rahman Chennai Fans on all Sundays. Participate and Make A Difference

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Browse through Exclusive Fan Stories, Columns & Rare Pictures. Experience the exciting moments when they met the maestro.

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Nafs – The Band

On January 06, 2015, A.R Rahman announced about his very own band- NAFS featuring students from his academy - KM Conservatory.

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Tweets from A.R Rahman


With the CM of West Bengal, The Prince of Kolkata & The King of Soccer pic.twitter.com/5OxI…

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